Geoff Johnson - Working with the SSIS Script Component: Some Tips Learned the Hard Way
Start Date/Time: Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:30 PM
End Date/Time: Thursday, August 8, 2019 8:00 PM
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Working with the SSIS Script Component: Some Tips Learned the Hard Way

Geoff Johnson


SQL Server Integration Services is relatively new to me; I started working with it about two years ago. As I have been using the Script Component, I have run into some challenges that I imagine many new users of that tool have also encountered. Now I have a love-hate relationship with the Script Component because it still annoys me in certain ways, but it also makes some transformation steps much easier. In this presentation, I’ll share what I’ve learned while using the Script Component to do conversion projects pulling data from Excel and Access into SQL Server. If you’re just getting started with SSIS and the Script Component, this information should save you some time and frustration. And if you’re an old hand at it, maybe you can help me – and others -- overcome those annoying bits.


For the last few years, Geoff has been working for Custom Data Systems as a Business Intelligence Developer. He designed and implemented the first data warehouse solution for the AM.Net software used by CPA societies across America for managing their membership records. Recently he has also been responsible for converting data for new customers. He has been a professional software trainer and an educator at the college level. He lives in Mechanicsville with his wife and two children.

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