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 TitleSize Created DateDescription
Andrew Kelly Presentation440.44 KBDownload3/1/2019Daily Debrief
Azhagappan Arunachalam demo161.29 KBDownload10/13/2017SQL Server Graph Data Processing presentation
Mark Hudson presentation432.49 KBDownload10/13/2017HDInsight > Hadoop
Devin Jaiswal - Presentation1.08 MBDownload6/21/2017Security Hardening Guideline
Devin Jaiswal - Presentation1.08 MBDownload6/21/2017SQL Security Landscape
Andrew Kelly - Presentation621.00 KBDownload4/18/2017QueryStore
Andrew Kelly - Demo10.43 KBDownload4/18/2017QueryStore
Chris Hyde - Presentation2.20 MBDownload12/22/2016SQL Server R Services
Mark Hudson - presentation270.18 KBDownload10/14/2016Azure Machine Learning
Andrew Kelly - Demo5.38 KBDownload4/28/2016Query Plan ReUse
Andrew Kelly - Presentation1,017.22 KBDownload4/28/2016Query Plan ReUse
Jason Brimhall Presentation1.67 MBDownload3/24/2016Bare Naked Skinny on SQL Server
Ravi Kumar - presentation864.67 KBDownload2/11/2016SSIS Internals and Performance
Andrew Kelly - Demo470.78 KBDownload12/14/2015Getting the Skinny on Minimally Logged Operations
Andrew Kelly - Presentation572.95 KBDownload12/14/2015Getting the Skinny on Minimally Logged Operations
Doug Purnell - Presentation2.77 MBDownload3/20/2015Are AGs a Good Fit for Your Database
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